カーメス王碑文 3回目。


Second Kamose stela

カーメス王 第二石碑 

'Bad news is in your town: you are driven back in the presence of your army, and your authority is restricted - inasmuch as you, in your capacity as suzerain, have made me a chief - so that (now) you must (even) beg for the block where you shall fall.
Look behind you! My troops are a threat behind you.
The mistresses of Avaris shall not conceive, their hearts shall not budge in the midst of their bodies, when the war-whoop of my troops is heard!'


and your authority is restricted - inasmuch as you, in your capacity as suzerain, have made me a chief - so that (now) you must (even) beg for the block where you shall fall.


地図で読む世界の歴史 古代エジプト p.52より


I put in at Per-djedken, my heart happy, so that I might let Apopy experience a bad time, that Syrian prince with weak arms, who conceives brave things which never come about for him!
I arrived at Yenyet-of-the-southward-journey, and I crossed over to them to greet them.
I put the fleet (already) equipped in order, one behind the other, in order that I might take the lead, setting the course, with my braves, flying over the river as does a falcon, my flag-ship of gold at their head, something like a divine being at their front. I made the might transport boat beach at the edge of the cultivation, with the fleet behind it, as the sparrow-hawk uproots (plants) upon the flats of Avaris!


I espied his women upon his roof, peering out of their windows towards the harbor.
Their bellies stirred not as they saw me, peeping from their loop-holes upon their walls like the young of jnH-animals in their holes, saying: 'He is swift!'
Behold! I am come, a successful man!
What remains is in my possession, and my venture prospers!
As mighty Amun endures, I shall not leave you, I shall not allow you to tread the fields even when I am not (here) with you!
Does your heart fail, O you vile Asiatic?
Look! I drink of the wine of your vineyards which the Asiatics whom I captured pressed out for me.
I have smashed up your resthouse, I have cut down your trees, I have forced your women into ships' holds, I have seized [your] horses; I haven't left a plank to the hundreds of ships of fresh cedar which were filled with gold, lapis, silver, turquoise, bronze axes without number, over and above the moringa-oil, incense, fat, honey, willow, box-wood, sticks and all their fine woods - all the fine products of Retenu - I have confiscated all of it! I haven't left a thing to Avaris to her (own) destitution: the Asiatic has perished! Does your heart fail, O you vile Asiatic, you who used to say: 'I am lord without equal from Hermopolis to Pi-Hathor upon the Rekhty water. (As for) Avaris on the Two Rivers, I laid it waste without inhabitants; I destroyed their towns and burned their homes to reddened ruin-heaps forever, because of the destruction they had wrought in the midst of Egypt: they who had allowed themselves to hearken to the call of the Asiatics, had forsaken Egypt, their mistress!

私はヘルモポリスからRekhty 水の上のピ・ハトルまでの同等でない支配者である。