カーメス王碑文 4回目。


I captured his messenger in the oasis upland, as he was going south to Kush with a written dispatch, and I found on it the following, in writing by the hand of the Ruler of Avaris:
'[?] son of Re, Apophis greets my son the ruler of Kush.
Why have you arisen as ruler without letting me know?
Do you see what Egypt has done to me?
The Ruler which is in her midst - Kamose-the-Mighty, given life! - is pushing me off my (own) land!
I have not attacked him in any way comparable to all that he has done to you;
he has chopped up the Two Lands to their grief, my land and yours, and he has hacked them up.
Come north! Do not hold back!
See, he is here with me: There is none who will stand up to you in Egypt.
See, I will not give him a way out until you arrive!
Then we shall divide the towns of Egypt, and [Khent]-hen-nofer shall be in joy.'
Wadj-kheper-Re, the-mighty-Punisher-of-Misdeeds.

「[?] ラーの息子、アポフィスは我が息子クシュの統治者に敬意を表す。
そして我等はエジプトの町々を分割し、[Khent]-hen-nofer(ケント・ヘン・ノフェル←多分ネフェルかな?) は喜ぶだろう。

'I took possession of both deserts and the southland, and the rivers likewise, and no way was found for the ?(?).
I am never lax concerning my army - the concerned man has not diverted attention - He feared me even when I was sailing north, before we had fought, before I reached him!
When he saw my flame he beat a path as far as Kush to seek his deliverer.
(But) I seized it en route and did not let it arrive.
Then I had it taken back that it might be returned to him again, and released on the east side at Atfih.
My victory astounded him and his limbs were wracked, when his messenger related to him what I had done to the district of Cynopolis which had been his possession. I despatched my strong battalion which was on the march to destroy Djesdjes (while I was in Sako), to prevent (any) enemy forces being behind me. So I fared south confident and happy, destroying all the enemy who were in my way!'


What a happy home-trip for the Ruler, life! prosperity! happiness!, with his army ahead of him!
They had no casualties, nor did anyone blame his fellow, nor did their hearts weep!
I moored on home soil during the season of Inundation; everyone was bright-eyed, the land had abundant food, the river-bank was resplendent!
Thebes was festive, women and men had come out to see me; every woman hugged her neighbor, no one was tearful.
[Amun's] incense (burned) in the sanctuary, at the place where it is said: 'Receive good things!' as he grants the scimitar to the son of Amun, life! prosperity! happiness!, the enduring king Wadj-kheper-re, son of Re, Kamose-the-mighty, given life, who subdued the south and drove back the north, who seized the land by main force - given life, stability, dominion and happiness with his ka like Re forever and ever!


His Majesty commanded the hereditary prince and count, master of privy matters of the king's-house, chief of the entire land, the seal-bearer of the king of Lower Egypt of (?) 'Star-of-the-Two-Lands', the dux, overseer of courtiers, overseer of the seal, User-neshi: 'Have everything that My Majesty has done in war be put upon a stela, and have it set in Karnak in Thebes forever and ever.'
Then he replied to His Majesty: 'I will perform every assignment to the satisfaction of the king.'